I recently bought my mother a Kindle Fire for her birthday. She’s been using my old Nook for the past couple years and has grown to love it, but it’s very outdated and wearing down. I thought a Kindle Fire would be a good upgrade for her. Here are some things my other and I have noticed about it. My mother hates the ads that show on the screen before you swipe onto the home screen. They don’t bother me as much, but I do agree that you should have to be shown ads when you pay for the product. She also isn’t a fan of the material on the back of the Kindle. I think it’s nice, but after switching from the Nook, she thinks the Kindle is more slick and harder to hold. A big problem I’ve noticed with the Kindle is the constant “cannot connect to internet” errors the Wi-Fi gives. The problem is not with my Wi-Fi, and after Googling it, it seems to be a common problem among Kindle owners. This is not okay. I was able to resolve it once by restarting the Kindle, but my mom doesn’t understand tech, and this is very frustrating for her. I also don’t like that it forced me to sign up for the Amazon Prime free trial, and Kindle Unlimited. I was saving my Amazon Prime trial for something and now its been wasted. I didn’t see any way around it, it started the free trial when I was setting up the Kindle. My mother is older and usually has to wear reading glasses, so I like that you can not only change the font size in the books, but on the UI as well. She would like another size between the two highest settings for the book. One is still too small, and the last one is much too big. The Kindle Fire has Amazon’s app store, and I was surprised by how much was actually available there. Anything you can think of from Apple or Google is probably available there, and if it isn’t, I’ve heard that you can allow apps from Google Play in the settings of the Kindle. The battery is okay, but even with the internet off, it’s not as good as the Nook used to be. Overall it’s a decent “cheap” tablet, especially for older people who aren’t as good with technology.
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