Summer doesn’t officially begin until the end of the month, but the heat is here and it is hell. I have absolutely no tolerance for hot weather, and not only is the temperature high, but so is the humidity as well. Eating is at best a chore. I generally have a normal appetite, but not in the summer. Finding anything appetizing is difficult. We can’t turn on the over at all. Even using the stove and crockpot heat things up. It doesn’t leave a lot of options. I’m thinking of going on a cereal diet this month, but I know even with a ton of different types of cereal it would grow old quickly. But at least it’s cold. We would shell out the money for an conditioner, but only one window is the right size for one, and it doesn’t open. We’re thinking of buying a small dehumidifier to try to make it a little more comfortable in here, and my mom wants to get a standing fan, at which point I’ll take the short fan she hates and have two. I also use frozen washcloths, which sometimes helps for a little bit, but sometime literally does nothing except make one spot of my body painfully cold while the rest of me swelters in the heat. The one good thing about the summer is the upcoming Steam sale. Allegedly this years summer sale kicks off on the 23rd. I had to pay for my hosting and some of my domains this month, which has left me in a mad dash for some extra cash. I have a lot of niche games on my wishlist, like JRPGs and visual novels, and they tend to be on the more pricey side and have low discounts. Many Japanese games are making it over to Steam now, so choosing my games this time around is going to be particularly difficult. I lucked out in December and won a Steam wallet code which helped me a lot. There haven’t been many Steam wallet giveaway lately, so I have a snowballs chance in hell of winning one again. Since the Steam mobile authenticator crap started I haven’t bothered with my trading cards, but today I forced myself to go through the 300+ cards and see which ones I’m keeping and which I’m selling. Every little bit helps.
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